Marne 1918

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Marne 1918

The soldiers left the trenches, the war moved again

The FT Renault Tank (1917)

The FT tank was designed by Louis Renault at colonel Estienne’s instigation. This reinforced, lightly armoured vehicle, mass produced, accompanied and supported infantry on the battle field. It’s a fast and innovative tank: armament is mounted on a 360° rotating turret and the crew comprised of only two men - the driver and tank commander.

Their first engagement took place on the Chaudun plateau, near Soissons on 31 May 1918. Its mass use by the Allies effectively contributed to the breakdown of German lines and the resumption of the war of movement.

Donated by the Armour Museum in Saumur

The Spad XIII plane

The Great War lead to fighter planes being used as an instrument which would rule the sky. More and more powerful planes were built, such as the SPAD XIII, a single seater biplane with two machine guns which was designed in 1917. This plan with a wingspan of more than 8 meters could fly at speeds of 230km/h. It was piloted by 81 French squadrons from the summer of 1917 as well as a number of foreign ranks. It will remain the French army’s standard fighter plane until 1923.

The aircraft is made in the Captain René Fonch’s colours as by the end of the war, they had achieved 75 certified victories.

Museum of Air Warehouse and Bourget space

Uniforms in 1918

The uniforms of French, German, Italian and American soldiers are presented in this cabinet and evoke the battles of summer 1918. Echoing the Marne 1914 showcase, this space highlights the evolution of uniforms and armaments after four years of conflict.


Rue Lazare Ponticelli,
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09.30 to 6.00, open throughout
Closed Tuesdays, 1 May, 25 December, January 1st
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Full price: €10
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