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German storm trooper (Sturmsoldat), Germany, 1918

German storm trooper

From the end of 1914, the German army established a specialist unit for trench warfare. Its role was infiltrate the first lines, then allow normal troops to continue the progression and annihilate points of resistance.

The number of these storm troopers would increase considerably from the Battle of Verdun onwards. They were representative of Germany’s new offensive approach. Their uniform included a pea jacket and trousers in field grey cloth, as well as puttees and ankle boots. Stormtroopers were equipped with a steel helmet covered in camouflage cloth.

The German helmet’s point, now removable, was no longer worn during assaults. Stormtroopers carried weapons suited to their task: packages of grenades worn around the neck, a rucksack, a trench knife, a carbine and a light mortar. They also wore a plate that was used to unlock grenades, as well as a gas mask.


Soldat de troupes d’assaut ou Strurmtrupper, Allemagne, 1918
Soldat de troupes d’assaut ou Strurmtrupper, Allemagne, 1918