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Les Alliés (The Allies) postcard

Les Alliés (The Allies) postcard

The first postcards appeared in Austria-Hungary in the 19th century and reached France in 1870 with the Prussian army. These small pieces of card saw considerable success during the conflict.

Reading the postcards and looking at their photographs and illustrations gives a genuine insight into the thoughts and mentalities of the time. Several major categories stand out: patriotic postcards, representing key figures from the time or life on the battlefield, as well as satirical postcards, caricatures and even sentimental or erotic images.

This example, one of the tens of thousands of postcards in the Museum’s collections, is a patriotic one. The early-war photograph shows soldiers from the various Allied armies, all united behind a common goal. On the back, the words “Souvenir de bonne camaraderie” (A souvenir of good comradeship) hammer home the patriotic message.

Les Alliés (The Allies) postcard, first quarter of the 20th century, paper, printed, gelatine/silver bromide process, print, L. 14 x W. 9 cm. Inventory no.: 2006.1.14142.0