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Accessibility : visitors with disabilities

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Accessibility : visitors with disabilities
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The Great War Museum has been awarded the “Tourisme et Handicap” label for welcoming the hearing- and visually-impaired and those with intellectual and physical disabilities, and is accessible to all. Visitors with disabilities can access the Museum’s various areas thanks to tools including subtitles, sound and interactive objects, as well as the Museum’s staff.


 Practical information for different types of disability :

  • Mobility disabilities : the Museum has three floors, each with one level, all of which are accessible by lift. All areas are wheelchair accessible. There is a special access point from the entrance gate. Manual wheelchairs are freely available. For visitors who grow tired quickly, light and easily portable stick-chairs are freely available. Visitors may help themselves.
  • Visual disabilities : guide dogs are welcome. Explanatory posters and general information are printed in large letters. For visually impaired visitors, the Museum offers magnifying lamps with multiple magnification.
  • Intellectual disabilities : a variety of information systems are also available throughout the visit, offering short, clear texts, sounds, videos, items for touching, games, etc.
  • Hearing disabilities : visitors may access information through the equipment provided throughout the visit, such as touch screens, animated diagrams, black-and-white subtitled archive videos, etc.
    Reception staff have basic knowledge of French sign language.

Please note that some of the rooms in the Great War Museum may be disturbing or address difficult topics such as the violence of combat and death. These rooms are located in specific areas and can be avoided.


 Group visits for people with disabilities

The Museum’s guides welcome and guide groups with disabilities using items from the multisensory toolbox, specially designed for these visitors.

During key events during the year, or on appointment, the Museum offers guided tours in French sign language.


Matthieu Louvet – 01 83 69 05 67 – 01 60 32 14 18
[email protected]