Support the Great War Museum - Musée de la Grande Guerre

To note :
Annual closure from August 19 to September 6, 2024.
Reopening on Saturday September 7 for the historical reenactment weekend.

Make a donation

The Museum has received many donations from individuals since opening. These donors, aware of the piece of history they own, are keen to share their items with future generations and contribute to passing on a collection and a legacy.

The Museum receives around 3,000 donated pieces or sets of pieces each year, which have included hundreds of photographs on glass plates or paper.

Depending on needs, donations received by the Museum are either presented in permanent or temporary exhibitions or conserved in the Museum’s store rooms.





Support the Great War Museum
Objets donnés ©Y. Marques

Sponsor the Museum

Throughout the year, many projects relating to the conservation of objects and the development of the Museum’s activity require sponsorship, as does the organization of events and exhibitions.

Support can include financial donations, services and in-kind donations. In return for sponsoring the Museum, sponsors enjoy tax advantages and visibility.

Support the Great War Museum
©Didier Pazery

Supporters of the Museum

Join the Friends of the Great War Museum

The Friends of the Great War Museum (SAM2G) contribute to and help with all the Museum’s major events.

The group’s members act as ambassadors, guiding museum visitors and holding tours of the area, with visits to the sites of the Ourcq battlefield of the First Battle of the Marne in September 1914.

They also cement ties with local and national remembrance and history associations and with various historical reconstruction and awareness associations.

Each year, they help enrich the Great War Museum’s exceptional collections through fundraising and activities to seek out donations and sponsorship.

Each member’s efforts help keep the Great War Museum going, expand it, and continuously enrich its collections.

The group is always keen to find new members, to write the history of the Great War Museum together.

Support the Great War Museum