Exhibition : NURSES, Quiet heroins of the Great War - Musée de la Grande Guerre

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The museum will be exceptionally closed on Saturday July 20 (due to the passage of the Olympic flame).

Annual closure from August 19 to September 6, 2024.
Reopening on Saturday September 7 for the historical reenactment weekend.

Temporary exhibition

08 April 2023 > 31 December 2023

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NURSES Quiet heroins of the Great War

During the Great War, nurses played a key role in the care brought to wounded soldiers. Some volunteered to help and others were paid workers, there were nuns as well as secular staff, and not all of them were trained: however, all of them showed deep devotion to the care of the wounded as well as they mastered new skills.

Their white silhouette is one of the symbols of the Great War, and yet, very few nurses talked about the ordeal and difficulties they went through. The exhibition explores how the war shook up the nursing profession, and tells some of their poignant stories.

From 08.04 to 31.12.2023

This exhibition has received the label “Exposition of national interest” awarded by the Ministry of Culture.

Scientific Council of the exhibition

  • Christophe DEBOUT, IADE, cadre supérieur de santé, PhD. Responsable pédagogique, Institut de formation interhospitalier Théodore-Simon, Neuilly-sur-Marne ; Chaire Santé Sciences Po/IDM UMRS 1145
  • Frédéric PINEAU, historien spécialiste de l’histoire des femmes au 20e siècle
  • Virginie ALAUZET, responsable Systèmes de gestion des documents et des archives – Croix-Rouge française
Statuette représentant une infirmière

1/6 - Statuette représentant une infirmière


2/6 - Brassard


3/6 - Photo


4/6 - Photo

Carnet Sidonie Pocquet

5/6 - Carnet Sidonie Pocquet

Uniforme de Sidonie Pocquet

6/6 - Uniforme de Sidonie Pocquet

Collections and partnerships

Institutional lenders :

  • Archives de la Croix Rouge, Montrouge
  • Archives municipales de Reims
  • Historial de la Grande Guerre de Péronne
  • Musée du fort de la Pompelle, Reims
  • Musée franco-américain du château de Blérancourt

Private lenders :

  • Patrice Bouchery
  • Jacques Pommier
  • Famille Hennet de Goutel
  • Yannick Marques
  • Frédéric Pineau