Serbian infantry uniform - Musée de la Grande Guerre
Serbian infantry uniform

Serbian infantrymen wore a field uniform that had been adopted in 1912. It was made of greenish wool and was relatively discreet and comfortable.

The uniform was made up of a cap, a greatcoat for the winter with a turn-down collar, a jacket with hidden buttons, straight-legged trousers with or without piping, puttees and marching boots. However, the vast majority of soldiers made do, as is the case here, with traditional, woven-leather shoes called opanci, and a pair of embroidered socks.

Equipment included a belt, two cartridge-pouches in front and one behind, a small satchel, a bayonet and holster, a wood or aluminium canteen, a tin-plated bowl and a rucksack for personal effects and food supplies. Serbian infantrymen carried export Mauser rifles with five-cartridge chargers, 1899 model, of 7 mm calibre, produced in a Serbian arsenal.

Uniforme de fantassin serbe, 1912 ©Bertrand Huet