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Emprunt de la défense nationale

Emprunt de la défense nationale

The government borrowed money to pay the costs of the war. Four issues of “National Defence Bonds” took place between November 1915 and October 1918.

Calls to buy such bonds were a major feature of posters during the conflict.

In 1915, three “official” posters were published, including this one by Francisque Poulbot, dividing roles between the fighting troops and the rear, where everyone should do their duty.

It evokes a society organized around the family. A series of familiar scenes encourages the public to recognize themselves, to identify with the scenes and to act in accordance with the images’ example. Everything here reinforces the image of a country committed to the fight, and even the last words of the departing soldier are not a cry of love or pain, but a call focused on the future: contribute to the war effort to hasten victory and the return home.

Francisque Poulbot (1879-1946), Emprunt de la défense nationale (National Defence Bonds), 1915, poster, 117 x 82 cm. Inventory no.: 2006.1.3490