L’Emprunt de la paix - Musée de la Grande Guerre
L’Emprunt de la paix

France launched four issues of bonds to raise money for the war effort, known as the “National Defence Bonds”. But the Armistice did not signify the end of the call for financial subscription.

On the former frontlines, the land was destroyed, and the cost of rebuilding estimated at 125 billion francs in 1919.

In 1920, the government made two other issues of bonds: Victory Bonds, then Peace or Reconstruction Bonds.

Henri Lebasque produced this poster depicting a mother, calmly sitting with her children while men work in the background rebuilding, surrounded by the smoking chimneys of factories, encouraging subscription through the vision of getting the country up and running again, in every area.

Henri Lebasque, L’Emprunt de la paix (Peace Bonds), 1920, poster, 120 x 80 cm. Inventory no.: 2006.2.97.0