How to come

Museum adress

Rue Lazare Ponticelli - 77100 Meaux 

Phone : 01 60 32 14 18

Access by car and public transport


09.30 to 6.00, open throughout

Closed Tuesdays, 1 May, 25 December.

Annual closure from January 8 to January 19


Full price : €10

Reduced price : between €5 and €9 (On presentation of proof)

All prices


Excellent museography including for children

Joseph Berchous - TripAdvisor Review



5 good reasons to visit as a family

The Great War museum is :

  • A real educational treasure due to its collection
  • A fun visit and accessible to all ages
  • A space dedicated to children, so they can understand daily life during the war
  • Supports adapted to understand the 1914-1918 conflict (activity booklets, audio guides, multimedia tools)
  • Workshops and guided tours to make the First World War accessible, including during the school holidays

An educational museum...

The 3,000m2 exhibit offers a general overview of the Great War, focusing on societal issues: a chronological-thematic itinerary allows you to tackle the subject without getting lost in the details of the dates. It’s the biggest museum on the World War One in Europe.

 A number of objects are must sees: such as uniforms, trucks, objects from daily life in the trenches.

 It’s great! Much clearer than school


See, listen, touch, handle... The museum is accessible to all ages!

Several multimedia exhibitions throughout:


  • Projections of archive or fictional images,
  • Reconstruction of trenches,
  • A video space in which visitors find themselves immersed among the soldiers in the trenches or on the battle field.
  • Games to discover uniform composition, the sounds of war, the geographical evolution of conflict zones...

It's good to learn things and we can even touch them

Flavie, 9 years old


The public can see a number of things and even touch them!


Leon Find Léon in order to discover a “poilu’s” (French equivalent of a Tommy) from 1915. Lift up his kit and the materials which should transport you to the daily grind. In each space, you’re allowed to touch war items from the time: helmets, jerry cans, mess tins, shells, etc.

A “child” space at the heart of the museum

Do you want to take a break and take advantage of a reading corner where children can have fun?

 The museum staff have selected a number of works, magazines and even comics for little and big children.

Are your children gamers ? We offer games to make the museum accessible: soldier uniforms and helmets, writing and drawing workshops, essays...

It’s very good, even for children

Julie, aged 10

To help you during your visit

For the youngest (from 8+)

Discover the museum with the help of a free animal themed activity book.

Children discover the collections by having fun: it is up to them to observe their surroundings in order to answer the questions and solve the riddles. They will meet the rooster, the horse, the pigeon, the dog or more exotic animals that took part in the Great War in a real or symbolic way.


For teens (from 12+)

The museum designed an audio guide especially for teenagers. By accompanying two young people, they’ll learn more about the First World War through the objects they see in the collection and the building’s architecture.

Available at the museum reception: Price: €2

For adults

The museum map and descriptive leaflets in each space allow you to better understand the museum. Audio guides are also available at reception.

And to continue the story of the Great War...

Discover the tourist sites in the Meaux region which still contain traces of this war.


The museum has also designed a discovery game “Marne 14” to visit these memorial sites as a family. 


Rue Lazare Ponticelli,
77100 Meaux
Lat : 48.971432  Long : 2.904724
Telephone No. : 01 60 32 14 18


09.30 to 6.00, open throughout
Closed Tuesdays, 1 May, 25 December, January 1st
Annual closure from  August 23, 2021 to September 05, 2021 inclusive


Full price: €10
Reduced price: between €5 and €7 (On presentation of proof)

All prices