The biggest in Europe on 1914-1918

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Rue Lazare Ponticelli - 77100 Meaux 

Phone : 01 60 32 14 18

Access by car and public transport


09.30 to 6.00, open throughout

Closed Tuesdays, 1 May, 25 December.

Annual closure from January 8 to January 19


Full price : €10

Reduced price : between €5 and €9 (On presentation of proof)

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The biggest in Europe on 1914-1918

The largest museum in Europe on the First World War

How to talk about the First World War to the youngest? The museum of the Great War of Meaux is the largest in Europe, with more than 60 000 pieces in the collections.

At the beginning of the museum, there was a man, Jean-Pierre Verney, a passionate historian, who, over a period of 50 years, collected objects and documents to tell the story of the First World War. In 2005, the town of Meaux bought the exceptional collection which consists of over 50 000 items and decided to build a museum in order to value their history!

Today, more than 65 000 items make up this collection!

The Great War museum holds a rich and diverse collection which tackles the conflict as well as the technical and military plans from a human and societal point of view. Discover full uniforms from the majority of the warring countries, weaponry and artillery, heavy machinery, objects from daily life on the front line and back home as well as many documents and a great range of artwork.

Discover the Great War through this 2-route museum

 We suggest that there are two different ways to visit this museum:

  • Chronological route: The central nave: 1914-1918: immersion in the heart of the conflict. From the Battle of Marne in 1914 to the one in 1918, discover the changeovers in the 19th and 20th centuries. Between the two battles, the war of position was embodied through the trenches.
  • Thematic route: the objects in the collection are exhibited in a thematic way: Woman and societies, daily life in the trenches, the globalisation of the war, etc. Walk between the chronological route and the themed rooms at your own leisure and build a route based on your interests!

Temporary exhibitions on display all year round.

An architectural gesture

Photo du musée

Photo of the museum. Creating a place today to talk about yesterday. The architect Christophe Lab won the tender to build the museum. The building made from concrete, glass and mental is intentionally modern. It follows the natural gradient of the land, with a horizontal which answers the vertical of the American monument. The building offers a number of viewpoints which are emphasised by pedestrian links from the roof to the forecourt, thus creating a connection between the two of them.


A synergy which captures the purpose of each place - the monument as a place of memorial; the museum as a place of knowledge, discovery and learning. For this reason, this building is

7000m2, 3000m2 for the permanent exhibition which is designed to house the collection and the visit route, integrated in its structure is the exhibiting of symbolic items: air plane domes, trenches for the tank and space to reconstruct the battlefield.


Rue Lazare Ponticelli,
77100 Meaux
Lat : 48.971432  Long : 2.904724
Telephone No. : 01 60 32 14 18


09.30 to 6.00, open throughout
Closed Tuesdays, 1 May, 25 December, January 1st
Annual closure from  August 23, 2021 to September 05, 2021 inclusive


Full price: €10
Reduced price: between €5 and €7 (On presentation of proof)

All prices