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Discover Jean-Louis Faure’s sculptures in this collection

Jean-Louis Faure is a modern sculptor. His sculptures are presented as groups of miscellaneous items recovered and high jacked, in the style of the works of Marcel Duchamp, whose humorous and provocative tone is also present. These creations form atypical groups, without plinth or pedestal, unclassifiable objects difficult to reproduce or exhibit in a museum. 

Long-time friend of Jean-Pierre Verney, the artist is committed to and marked by his anti-militarism view, he feeds his works of anecdotes and historical references to the great events of the twentieth century (World War I and II). The Great War is one of the recurring themes in his work.

Contemporary art at the heart of the museum is a part of an approach in the scientific and cultural project of the establishment. The museum aims to give an account of today's view of the memory of the conflict.

In December 2015 the artist donated four of his works to the museum. The nave of the museum was designed so that the sculptures integrate with their environment in a coherent way, each echoing the space in which it is located. 


Sculpture 108

Sculpture 108 – Homage to Stanley Kubrick

Jean-Louis Faure, 2013

Photograph of  Jacques Moreau,
Work in the trenches

Sculpture 91

Sculpture 91 - “His whole being is characterized by extreme goodness”. Joseph Goebbels talks with Adolf Hitler.

Jean-Louis Faure, 2007

Mauser 98, painted wood, bone, gold, combine seat, artificial eyes, Stahlhelm 1916

Sculpture 76 - JL Faure

Sculpture 76 - The ugliness of the monuments to the dead would disgust you with the war 

Jean-Louis Faure, 1995

Painted wood, brass, glass, photograph and anonymous Virgin of the thirteenth century

Sculpture 101 - JL Faure

Sculpture 101 - This exceptional work is on loan from the Army Museum 

Jean-Louis Faure, 2010

Painted wood, Sudanese dish, resins, brass, fougasse (type of flatbread), cowries and drawing by Arthur Niendorff

To find out more...

Jean-Louis Faure: sculptures: reckless catalogue, Régis Debray, Juliette Barbarin, Alain Cavalier [et al.], 2014, ISBN 978-2-87706-874-1.

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Rue Lazare Ponticelli,
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Telephone No. : 01 60 32 14 18


09.30 to 6.00, open throughout
Closed Tuesdays, 1 May, 25 December, January 1st
Annual closure from  August 23, 2021 to September 05, 2021 inclusive


Full price: €10
Reduced price: between €5 and €7 (On presentation of proof)

All prices