How to come

Museum adress

Rue Lazare Ponticelli - 77100 Meaux 

Phone : 01 60 32 14 18

Access by car and public transport


09.30 to 6.00, open throughout

Closed Tuesdays, 1 May, 25 December.

Annual closure from January 8 to January 19


Full price : €10

Reduced price : between €5 and €9 (On presentation of proof)

All prices


A plan of the Museum

A complete plan of the Museum allows you to explore the collections either in chronological order from 1914 to 1918, or by themes.

Free - available at the entrance

Download the plan now as well as the information sheets.


The "Wartime Animals" booklet for children 8 years old and upwards

Wartime Animals booklet

Go and explore the Museum through the stories of animals in the Great War: questions, puzzles and games to help you understand the place of animals in the War and/or their symbolism.

Free - only in french - available at the Museum entrance

Audio guides

The Museum offers audio guides. They fill out your visit with commentaries indicated by a number in the Museum.

A version is also available for teenagers.

Available at the Museum entrance

Price: €2

Themed guided visits

Every Sunday, the Museum offers a new way of looking at their collections. A monthly opportunity to view the Great War in a new way!

On certain Sundays, come and experience History in flesh and bone! The Friends of the Museum and members of the Seine-et-Marne 14 Association in contemporary clothing invite you to find out about the daily life of the soldiers of the Great War. Soldiers' uniforms, equipment, rations — a living, interactive visit to share as a family.


Sundays at 2.30pm - Duration: 1½ hours

Price: entrance ticket (except on 1st Sunday of the month) + €2.50 per person.


Find all the guided visits in the Cultural Calendar

Family workshop-visits for 8 years old upwards

Follow a cultural mediator and share a fun family time! After a short visit to the Museum, take part in a workshop. A chance to learn, while having fun and learning about various subjects: animals, children, observation techniques, archaeology, and much more.

During the school holidays at 2.30pm - duration 1½ hours

Price: entrance ticket + €2.50 per person

Find all the dates and themes for family workshop-visits in the cultural calendar

Storytelling visits for 5 years old and upwards

Duration: 45 mins.

Price: entrance ticket + €2.50 per person

During this visit, go back in time as a family and follow the adventures of a person from the Great War: the Clumsy Soldier, Noël, or Passé and Présent. Help them to solve their problems, and really be part of history!

Find all the dates of storytelling visits in the cultural calendar

Information and bookings

For all guided tours, please consider reserving your place.

Information and reservations: 01 60 32 14 18 


Rue Lazare Ponticelli,
77100 Meaux
Lat : 48.971432  Long : 2.904724
Telephone No. : 01 60 32 14 18


09.30 to 6.00, open throughout
Closed Tuesdays, 1 May, 25 December, January 1st
Annual closure from  August 23, 2021 to September 05, 2021 inclusive


Full price: €10
Reduced price: between €5 and €7 (On presentation of proof)

All prices